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Viewpoints: the best views of Lisbon


City of the seven hills, Lisbon has countless viewpoints that take you to breathtaking views, but also to unique moments where you can learn a little bit more about the history of the Portuguese capital or simply enjoy a moment that promises to be special with the ones you love most.

With a map in hand or with the GPS on, our journey through the best viewpoints of Lisbon starts here.

Nossa Senhora do Monte (Our Lady of the Hill)

Even better than a map of the city, if you go up to the Nossa Senhora do Monte Viewpoint, in the Graça neighbourhood, you will see a tiled panel with the main monuments of the Portuguese capital, accompanied by a panoramic view over the entire city.

In front of the small chapel from where its name comes from, the viewpoint has been remodelled twice in the 20th century and is one of the most iconic places in Lisbon, where tourists and locals alike celebrate one of the most beautiful moments of the day: the sunset.

Out of curiosity, it is in the Nossa Senhora do Monte Chapel that you can see the legendary Saint Gens chair, whose legend says that if a pregnant woman sits on the chair, she will have a “holy childbirth”.

Torel Garden

This garden has undergone several interventions over the years, but the fantastic views, both at the mid-point and at the high point of the garden, remain unchanged.

Located on the Santana hill, right in the heart of the city, it was recently subject to more requalification works, being promoted to “garden of love” for its very green space and for having plantations such as lavender and papyrus. It is the place chosen by many couples in love for its romanticism, smells, colours and the peace it provides.

Santa Luzia (Saint Lucia)

For those who want to observe the Tagus River, the viewpoint that also has a privileged view of the Alfama neighbourhood, it is ideal to see the new Cruise Pier.

In the atrium of the Santa Luzia Church, this viewpoint is also divided between an upper area, where the church is located, and another area, with a mirror of water, reminiscent of a swimming pool.

It is also on the upper level that you will find a corner covered with traditional Portuguese tiles, in a frame that leads tourists and locals alike to sit and enjoy the views of the city.

Portas do Sol (Sun Doors)

Known to be like a balcony with a panoramic view over the Tagus River, the Alfama neighbourhood and some of the most emblematic churches in the city (São Miguel, São Estêvão and São Vicente Churches), it is also in this viewpoint that you can see the statue of São Vicente, patron saint of Lisbon.

This is one of the widest viewpoints of the city, but there is an explanation as to why it was given the name “Portas do Sol”. Dating back to medieval times, one of the Moorish fence entrances of Lisbon was located here, hence the concept of “door”, damaged by the earthquake that struck the Portuguese capital in 1755.

Monsanto Panoramic

It was once a luxury restaurant, a nightclub, an office building, a bingo room and even a warehouse area. Now, it’s a derelict building, but one that has been redeveloped to ensure the safety of those who visit it, from the moment it began to be an attraction for thousands.

With the marks of the people who were there before, here you will have a 360° view over the city of Lisbon. Its privileged location, in the Alto da Serafina, gives it the perfect contrast between the green views of the Monsanto Forest Park, the Tagus River and the old part of the city.

Keil do Amaral

This amphitheatre-shaped viewpoint with a wide view over the Tagus River was named in honour of the Portuguese architect Francisco Keil do Amaral, who was involved in the project and design of the Monsanto Forest Park.

On the weekends, it is full of families and groups of friends who often take advantage of the stunning outside view to do small get-togethers and picnics. Due to its connection to nature, it is also one of the favourite places for those who enjoy doing sports or walking their pets.

Note: it is worth walking down a little more to what will be the Portuguese basketball court with the best view ever, believe it.

25 de Abril Bridge Pillar 7

The 25 de Abril Bridge, inaugurated in 1966 as the Salazar Bridge, has 14 pillars and, every day, thousands of people go through its deck, either by car or train, to cross to the other side of the Tagus River bank.

However, it is possible to see the bridge and its surroundings from a completely different perspective. On a journey through the history of its construction, and using various multimedia means, you can go up to the bridge deck level using a lift that will take you to a panoramic viewpoint with a unique view over the cities of Lisbon and Almada, as well as the river.

Santo Estêvão Viewpoint

It is still considered a “secret” viewpoint in Alfama, but it is unlikely to remain secret for much longer.

Located next to the São Estevão Church, right in the heart of the alfacinha neighbourhood, it is the ideal place for those who want to escape the crowds, giving you a new perspective on the characteristic Lisbon houses in contrast with the blue of the river.

Recolhimento Garden Viewpoint

A few metres from the São Jorge Castle (which also has a viewpoint) the Recolhimento Garden is another well-kept secret of this tourist area.

With Alfama at your feet, once again you will get a totally different perspective of the city, framed by the São Vicente Monastery, the Tagus and the Santa Engrácia Church.

As well as a bookshelf full of books and a children’s playground, those who have been lucky enough to visit it say it is the ideal place to take amazing photographs.

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