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your home in Portugal

more than an hotel

Born in 2019, the Wine & Books Brand aims to bring innovation and authenticity to the Portuguese hotelier scene. Predicated on 5-star hotels located on emblematic sites carefully selected for their representativeness of Portuguese culture, the Wine & Books Hotels were meticulously designed to offer unique and genuine Portuguese experiences, in every detail and dimension.

More than a destination, a taste of what it means to be Portuguese. More than a hotel, your home in Portugal.


the mission

Provide an authentic experience of Portugal, with passionate dedication. After all, Portuguese hospitality is unparalleled.

Hotel roof

the vision

Be a reference in the hotel industry and in the dissemination of the vast cultural heritage of Portugal, bringing about innovation.

Hotel balcony

the values

People, Hospitality, Innovation, Responsibility, Sustainability.
Are these your motto, as well?



Master in the art of hospitality? Work with us!

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