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In this online wine and book club, we invite you to discover each month Portuguese literature, while savoring, alone or accompanied, the words of our authors and the finest wines of the country. Here you will have the opportunity to delve into various literary genres, explore captivating stories, discuss themes, and share your visions.

Wine & Books Club Curator

Elga Fontes

Besides being a translator, bookstagrammer, and text reviewer, Elga Fontes is also the literary curator of the Wine & Books Club.

In 2019, she launched the project “Quem Me Lera,” an online platform that demonstrates not only her passion for books but also her desire to create a more inclusive and diverse space for other readers in Portugal.

In this project, her commitment lies in selecting and presenting the literary works of today and beyond. Whether through videos or our newsletter, we ensure that the best suggestions of Portuguese literature reach you.

Portuguese Literature

To promote Portuguese culture, we only suggest works by authors from Portuguese-speaking countries, translated into English and other languages, to ensure accessibility for everyone.

DOC & DOP* Wines

Internationally recognized for the quality of our wines, we present here an exclusive selection of the country’s finest vintages. All of them in compliance with the principles of sustainable agriculture.

* DOC – Controlled Denomination of Origin
   DOP – Protected Denomination of Origin

Social Responsibility

Bringing Portuguese culture to every corner of the world, we also seek to support an educational cause. Who knows, these children may be the writers of tomorrow!?

Wine & Books Club

Become a Member of the Wine & Books Club

All our guests, friends, avid readers, and wine lovers are invited to become members of the Wine & Books Club.

For only €2 per year.

. Have access to the monthly suggestions of our curators via newsletter. 
(Books by Lusophone authors + selection of premium wines)
. Participate in exclusive events.
. Contribute to an educational cause (Amigos B2M).

More than a book, the Portuguese language.
More than a wine, the taste of Portugal.
More than a club, a cause.

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